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2021 Global Decisioning Report: Navigating a new era of credit risk decisioning

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

The pandemic has changed nearly everything—and consumer credit is no exception. Data, analytics, and credit risk decisioning have always been important. But, as we enter the beginning of the end of this global crisis, their role is even more significant. Consumers face uneven roads to recovery, with some ready to spend again and others still mired in pandemic-related financial stress.

Navigating this varied landscape requires a deep understanding of customer needs on both ends of the spectrum. It also demands that lenders rethink their data sources and recalibrate credit models to better understand current customer profiles. This period of the great deferral, the aggregate impact of payment assistance programs, coupled with changes in spending and savings behaviours, requires lenders to look beyond traditional approaches to decisioning.

We’ve designed this report to help. Experian conducted a global survey to learn more about how consumers are stabilising their finances and how businesses are returning to growth. The research comprises of three waves of data collected from June 2020 through January 2021. The nearly 9,000 consumers and 2,700 business respondents represent ten countries: the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Germany, France, Spain, India, Japan, Singapore, and Australia.

The research results reveal the importance of lenders prioritising digital transformation, the role of advanced data and analytics in enhancing the customer experience, and how contextual decisioning can improve credit outcomes.

Experian’s Global Decisioning Report on credit risk decisioning post-pandemic reveals 3 key areas of focus for lenders as they navigate today's complex lending and credit landscape.

This year’s report also includes trends and insights for:

  • The pandemic fallout and its varying financial impact

  • Consumer expectations of digital experience

  • Moving beyond traditional data and analytics

  • Contextual customer decisions


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