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Updated: Mar 10, 2020

axesor is a service company specialised in the provision of ratings, credit risk management systems and business, financial and marketing knowledge thanks to the most complete information and the best analytical intelligence in Spain.

Our commitment to rigour and innovation has enabled us to become the first Spanish company to be registered as a European Rating Agency.


Our main objectives

Provide “knowledge” and a comprehension view of the business environment, facilitating managerial decision making both in terms of commercial risk management and resource optimisation.

Facilitate commercial research and client development, locating the desired target audience and expanding knowledge about the current audience.

Business areas

Rating Services

As the first and only Spanish company registered as a European Rating Agency, axesor provides an accessible and flexible alternative in the strategic sector of credit ratings for medium-sized companies, with costs adapted to the size of this segment and the ensuing volumes.

Risk Management Services

axesor is an expert company in the management of credit risk and offers solutions that improve all stages of the commercial credit cycle, allowing savings by minimising defaults, reducing average collection periods and optimising resources and management times.

Information services

axesor has one of the largest information databases covering companies, job positions and executives, as well as market links, which allows us to offer solutions that optimise and reduce research times.

Virtual Management Services

axesor has a Virtual Office for any administrative process in registries and public bodies, providing a complete service of outsourcing procedures that allow a considerable reduction in time and resources.

Advanced Marketing Services

axesor develops differential solutions for the provision of information on value, segmentation and analysis that afford a greater knowledge of the environment, competition and clients in order to achieve more effective marketing and growth actions.

axesor has more than 250 professionals and has a clear commitment to innovation with an investment ratio of 21% on sales, allowing us to offer the services that best suit the needs of our 130,000 and more clients.


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