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Burnout prevention - this is how bosses protect their employees

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Employers need to protect their employees from job-related dangers to life, limb and psyche.

Especially the latter is not easy - in mental risk assessment, small and middle-sized enterprises lag behind. The effort, however, can be worthwhile.

Time pressure, constant availability, the tormenting certainty that nothing will remain as it is: working life in times of digitization is intense. Not everyone can handle it. More than half of the employees in Germany suffer from the high work pace. Around 60% complain about frequent interruptions; Deadline or performance pressure burdens 67 %. This fits with the fact that the number of sick leave has more than doubled over the past ten years due to mental illness.

How to protect your employees?

Risk assessment - Step by step to the goal

1. Define activities / work areas

Assess individual occupational profiles and hierarchical levels (assistant, project management, head of department) or work or organizational levels (administration, warehouse, field service) separately.

2. Identify mental stress

In practice anonymized employee surveys have been the most successful tool to identify mental stress.

3. Evaluate results

The weight of the identified burdens can best be determined through dialogue with the employees - for example in workshops.

4. Develop and implement measures

The risk assessment only fulfills its purpose if detected abuses are eliminated.

5. Check effectiveness

Regular checks ensure that your actions do not fizzle out.

6. Update assessment

A risk assessment is an ongoing process. It needs to be adapted when working conditions change, such as after restructuring, new technology or leadership changes.

7. Document results

The assessment is mandatory. The law does not contain specific requirements. It is sufficient to use minutes of workshops or meetings and a written action list.

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