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Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Trust is good, solvency check is better!

The aim of any business activity is success - but even one wrong credit decision can cause significant financial losses.

Risks do not always appear at the start of a business connection but can become apparent over time.

This is a particularly crucial point for international business activities. With an international credit report from Creditreform (BIGnet representative in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland…) you will be able to get regular information in plenty of time about potential and existing business partners! This will put your international business success on a secure foundation right from the start. As a client of the respective BIGnet member in your country, you may obtain online a reliable information about your trade partner, thanks to our network build by the leading B2B risk information providers.

With the new international monitoring services, it is easy to monitor all existing customers and suppliers that are important to you. This new monitoring services are an initiative of the BIGnet network.  All relevant changes are provided in time to your risk management system.

The Creditreform Organisation was founded in 1879 in Mainz. Ever since, its main task has been to provide reliable Information to protect its members the risk from bad debts. Creditreform has 167 offices with 4,500 employees spread over 23 countries in Europe and in China, which are there for you on Location - your local Creditreform branch office is where your own company is located.

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