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Datamarketing - qualified information for intelligent decisions

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Making decisions is an increasingly demanding action. On one hand there is a lot of information and on the other hand it is necessary to use various platforms to access different elements of this information.

There are platforms that we use for the collection, filtering and segmentation of the information and there are others that support the analysis and organization of data. In the end, decision making process results from the combination of this actions.

Nowadays the sequence of the various actions of collection, segmentation, analysis and decision making can be worked intelligently on a single platform. The use of value-added information fields, such as current situation, sector of activity, sales volume, score, financial autonomy, exports, commercial or judicial incidents, among others, incorporated in CRMs about customers and prospects, allow marketing and strategy tasks to be faster and more efficient. From a unique software platform, which has the benefit of being internal, managers have the possibility to access the data that most enhance their business and that were previously identified and segmented by them, to find new customers and thus make smart decisions for the best strategies.

The marketing opportunities that Iberinform database allows to create are based not only on the analysis and knowledge of commercial, financial, credit and risk information but also in its capacity for flexibility and adaptation to each CRM and API / Webservice. Data is easily entered into prospecting and sales platforms, with the advantage of optimizing processes.

From a comprehensive database, you can immediately and internally update all the information that allows you to make the best decisions.

And without any doubt, the possibility of having this information in wider geographies, leveraging these possibilities through BIGnet represents, an advantage with added value for companies that exercise their activity in an increasingly global world.


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