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Denmark: A look at a changing economy after Covid-19

Experian is now launching the Market Impact update with focus on the credit market in Denmark and the Danish consumption trends. The update provides an overall macroeconomic view of the Nordic countries before and after the Covid-19 crisis and examin the Noridic countries loans portfolio structure.

We are also examining business and certain sectors that have been mostly affected by the Covid-19 situation. All new trends are regularly tracked with a focus on how they affect overall market activity, changes in the consumer behavior and the impact on overall performance in overall market and vertical level.

The coronavirus outbreak was an unexpected shock on the Danish economy as it was for the whole world. It had a significant impact on the credit activities, consumer behaviours and unemployment in the short term since March 2020.

Even though we started to observe the indications of recovery in the sectors with the re-openings and with the support of the government relief packages and payment holidays, no one can assert that the uncertainties completely faded away.

It should be noted that the Danish economic recovery is also dependent on the resilience of the other countries’ economies and the maintenance of the export volumes at adequate levels besides the increasing domestic demand and higher consumption. Experian will continue to monitor the state of economic affairs in the upcoming months after the full opening and diminishing effects of government help packages and payment holidays.


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