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Companies must face new challenges. Faced with a crisis of unprecedented proportions that generates strong uncertainties, the global situation fails the development of business relationships. ELLISPHERE, French specialist in economic, legal and financial information on companies, provides exceptional BtoB information system to economic players that were hard hit by the crisis: the Solidarity Offer. The company offers free access to its information platform Ellipro, which integrates its latest innovation in the management of risks: the Covid Resilience Index. An offer available until September 30th, 2020*.

Ellisphere is a specialist in BtoB information. Providing companies with the necessary visibility on their business partners, it collects, analyses and spread economic, legal and financial data on businesses. By doing so, it helps the prospection of new customers, the customer and supplier risk management but also to reduce the cost of conformity requirements (Sapin II, KYC...).

Today, the violence of the crisis and the lack of visibility are undermining the confidence of companies in their business relationships. Regardless of the size and sector of their company, all managers face one challenge: protect activity and jobs, while thinking about tomorrow.

For each new challenge, there is an appropriate solution. It is in this perspective that the Solidarity Offer (which includes the Ellisphere's Covid resilience index) was developed in record time by its experts. During this crisis, more than ever, the words are "access to the right information" and "prevention", to control your customer and supplier risk management. Ellisphere makes available its core business expertise free of charge for economic players.

"The mechanism of our Solidarity Offer takes on its full meaning with regard to the current period. Indeed, many sectors have been especially affected by the lockdown. With this initiative, we wish to stand side by side with economic players in their recovery process, enabling them to look at the future with greater serenity. Today is the day that companies need us the most. We must be alongside them!"

Valerie Attia, president of Ellisphere.


In a B2B environment, customer and supplier risk management is essential to get through the crisis and start the recovery. "Unfortunately, French companies are less aware of the risks of payment default and monitoring cash, than the Anglo-Saxon companies. Our Solidarity Offer and the Covid Resilience Index are also intended to create an interest in the risk management field; reliable solutions do exist. " points out Valérie Attia.

Thus, Ellisphere reiterates its commitment to support businesses and its participation in maintaining the economic momentum. Ellisphere's Solidarity Offer illustrates this commitment.

Description of the Solidarity Offer

The Solidarity Offer is available on the information platform Ellipro. It offers to economic players information on 300 French companies (SIREN) of their choice. The data is presented in reports containing the following elements:

  • Identity, company characteristics, key figures

  • One-Year Probability of Default Score and Notice of credit

  • Sectoral payment behaviour indicator: PayRANK

  • Covid Resilience Index

  • Monitoring: sending out alerts as soon as information on the companies consulted and placed under monitoring is received

This offer is free of charge and non-binding. It is valid for 3 months from the date of subscription. The deadline for subscription to the offer is September 30th, 2020*.

The Resilience Index

Since May 20th, Ellisphere has enriched its BtoB information solution, Ellipro, with a new index taking into account the impact of the Covid-19 crisis.

With the deconfinement, the gradual restart of activities requires that companies benefit from updated information on their trading partners, which takes into account the impact of the crisis. However, existing tools risk management practices are not always sufficient to fully appreciate the situation of business partners. The backdrop to this is a brutal and highly changing economic reality.

In order to provide the best support possible to companies, Ellisphere has gathered its experts - credit analysts, specialists in sector analysis, data scientists, IT experts. This mobilisation has led to the creation of a brand-new innovative tool, the Covid resilience index that must be placed at the centre of customer and supplier risk management.

"The Covid Resilience Index is a valuable tool for business leaders and decision-makers to help them to manage their customer and supplier risks by being in line with economic reality." concludes Valérie Attia.


The index is based on a sectoral and financial approach. A dynamic index presented in the form of a colour tablet: green – orange – red – grey; green being the best rating, red the worst (grey is for the non-evaluated).

These two methods combined make it possible to create two indicators:

  • The sectoral indicator, worked out very finely by NAF, highlights the more or less "risky" activities.

  • The financial indicator (which is built on criteria applied to typologies of company populations, crossed with specific financial ratios) classifies companies according to their prior level of fragility before the crisis.

The resilience index is thus determined by a transcodification matrix of these two indicators. It makes it possible to categorize the company's credit risk related to the Covid crisis. It is regularly updated by the evolution of the variables making up the sectoral and financial indicators.

*Free offer without commitment for a period of 3 months, valid for all subscriptions until September 30th, 2020. Reserved for French companies and non Ellisphere customers on the day of subscription to our ELLISPHERE Solidarity Offer (limited to 300 reports out of 300 SIREN to be consulted within 3 months of subscription). Offer subject to the general terms and conditions of the Ellisphere solidarity offer.

Offer limited to one account opening by SIRET. Ellisphere will validate all subscription requests and reserves itself the right to refuse all openings for any reason whatsoever.

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