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How Iberinform Portugal can help businesses with Compliance

Compliance is the practice of following the laws, rules, and regulations that apply to a business or an organization. Compliance is important for many reasons, such as avoiding legal penalties, protecting the reputation, ensuring the quality, and promoting the ethics of the business.

However, compliance can also be challenging, especially for businesses that operate in different countries or sectors, where the laws and regulations may vary or change frequently. That is why businesses need reliable and updated information about the compliance requirements and risks that affect their activities.

Iberinform Portugal is a company that provides commercial and financial information about businesses in Portugal and abroad. Iberinform Portugal is part of Iberinform International, a subsidiary of Atradius Crédito y Caución, a global operator in credit insurance, with presence in more than 50 countries. Iberinform Portugal has 73 years of experience in helping its clients to make informed and sustainable business decisions.

One of the solutions that Iberinform Portugal offers to its clients is Compliance Solutions within collaboration with Pepdata, which are designed to help businesses to comply with the laws and regulations that affect their operations, such as anti-money laundering, anti-corruption, anti-terrorism, data protection, and others.

Iberinform’s Solutions include the following services:

  • Reports: These are reports that provide detailed information about the legal and regulatory status of a business or an individual, such as the identification, the activity, the ownership, the financial situation, the litigation, the sanctions, the reputation, and the risk level. Compliance Reports are based on official and verified sources, such as public registries, courts, media, and databases. Compliance Reports can help businesses to verify the identity and the background of their potential or current partners, customers, suppliers, or employees, and to assess the compliance risks that they may pose.

  • Monitoring: This is a service that allows businesses to monitor the compliance status and the changes of their partners, customers, suppliers, or employees, on a regular basis. Compliance Monitoring alerts businesses about any relevant events or updates that may affect the compliance situation of their stakeholders, such as new litigation, sanctions, media exposure, or risk level. Compliance Monitoring can help businesses to keep track of the compliance performance and the evolution of their stakeholders, and to take timely actions if necessary.

  • Webservices: This is a service that enables businesses to integrate the compliance data from Iberinform Portugal into their own systems and applications, through a secure and automated connection. Compliance Webservices allow businesses to access and use the compliance information from Iberinform Portugal in a customized and flexible way, according to their needs and preferences. Compliance Webservices can help businesses to optimize their compliance processes and workflows, and to enhance their efficiency and productivity.

Iberinform Portugal can help businesses with compliance by providing them with accurate, updated, and comprehensive information about the compliance requirements and risks that affect their activities. By using the Compliance Solutions from Iberinform Portugal, businesses can reduce the compliance costs and efforts, improve the compliance quality and reliability, and increase the compliance confidence and security. Iberinform Portugal can help businesses to achieve and maintain compliance, and to grow their business in a sustainable and ethical way.

Written by Rodrigo Venditelli Soares, Iberinform Portugal


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