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International business: myth vs reality

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Most of us believe that a company’s international activity consists of a bunch of lucky guys in suits that enjoy frequent holidays abroad, international meals, get some drinks of local alcohols and have fun all around the world.

All of it is obviously… true. But imagine the stress that they must feel once they have to give some feedback to their management in order to keep having all the advantages we just mentioned! And we know there are always two sides to a story. So yes, it can be comfortable, but it can also be a nightmare...

International business is about managing risks. The risk you might miss your flight, the risk of losing your luggage, the risk to have a snoring colleague in the plane with you… but risk goes further than that. BIGnet cannot do much for you about the risks that we previously mentioned, but in order to help you convince your management that you are actually working and opening new business opportunities, we can provide business information to enable your company to manage their credit risks.

Yes, there are good sides in international travel, but it also means to manage traveller’s issues. Indeed, when you have a meeting on Monday morning on the other side of Europe and you need to take a plane on Sunday which has an 8-hour delay. That you have a baby crying next to you on the plane and later you must wait behind the steward that uses the food trolley in the tiny alley to go to the bathroom (true story), that is actually what hell could look like.

So once you arrive, the least you expect, is safe ground on which to do business. That is what we aim to provide. Being an alliance with the best local agencies in credit management, scoring and data collection means that you can literally take control of your next action to conquer new market shares, and make sure your management lets you keep your so-called “perks”.

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