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The evolving expectations and experience of the new digital consumer

Today’s consumers spend as much time engaging with digital payments as they do with their email, according to our latest research. Indeed, consumers around the world perceive that conducting financial transactions online is becoming easier and more convenient. And it’s not just younger consumers or early adopters — people of all ages and incomes are using digital solutions and services to manage their finances.

Experian surveyed 6,000 consumers and 2,000 businesses from 20 countries worldwide as part of our ongoing efforts to learn more about how, why, and where consumers interact with businesses online. The survey results reveal the rise of a new digitally savvy consumer — one who is increasingly aware of new payment methods, advanced recognition tools, and the use of Artificial Intelligence, and has higher expectations of their digital experience.

These consumers are engaged participants in an evolving digital ecosystem, and in many ways they’re driving the change. But it’s a two-way relationship.

In return for their loyalty and trust, they’re demanding that businesses meet their expectations for security, convenience, communication, and customer support in ways that makes their work and lives easier.

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