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The power of information

Information is the key when choosing and deciding with which companies do you want to establish business relationships, through access to multiple indicators to evaluate which companies can contribute to the business and which ones can be risky.

With Iberinform, a company specialized in information and added value and Risk Management tools, companies can conduct market research, portfolio qualifications, risk analysis, commercial comparisons and credit negotiations.

The possibility of accessing financial, risk, credit and debt indicators through strategic tools that cover the different steps of the business cycle are of utmost importance. That importance is even increased in times of crisis since several sectors are in breach, the negotiating powers are questioned and the risk of default increases. During these times, the use of information is one of the most relevant practices for managers' decisions, both with regard to its stakeholders and the situation of its own company.

Benefits of knowing the risks

With the worldwide pandemic situation, commercial risks increased. Monitoring the information became more relevant to keep up with the financial, legal and risk situation of the companies with which we do business. The Data available in Iberinform online solutions covers financial information, credit limits and debts. It helps users to know the present level of default that a company has or may reach, allowing managers to anticipate impacts on business and guarantee financial and commercial stability.

Consulting the clients' and suppliers' risk of default, knowing the extent to which the average payment terms can be extended but also verifying the flexibility in collection, gives managers the possibility to manage loss of income in advance, to avoid increasing financial costs and to renegotiate receiving plans with your partners.

Risk and market research

With the reinvention of the markets and the development of some sectors, innovation is the key to make business opportunities appear, allowing business to boost and expand, either nationally or internationally.

In this perspective, companies should continuously monitor risk indicators to understand whether they can relate to other companies. The analysis of the different actors in the value chain, national and international, is key, allowing users to understand whether a possible commercial relationship will be favourable or if it could constitute any risks, upstream or downstream.

Iberinform analysis for customer and prospect portfolios

During this confinement period, Iberinform invested in simple and realistic solutions, to give a clear perception data evolution before and during Covid19, supporting companies with the necessary information about the ability for their stakeholders to honour the commitments.

· Portfolio qualification and Impact analysis by sector:

This service aims to qualify a customer portfolio or an activity sector, including the analysis and classification of the risk of default and impact on the sector. It allows users to have a clear and comprehensive view of the impacts and the perception of risk to decide and adapt credit granting policies. Essential information to help companies to analyse and assess the degree of exposure of their customers or supplier’s portfolio.

Financial checkup - Diagnosis, Prognosis, Measures:

Business analysis before Covid-19, impact and measures for the recovery of commercial activity. With the financial checkup users have an application that helps them to analyse the impacts on treasury, profitability and to know what measures should be taken to help business and activity recovery in face of the Covid-19 crisis. Through a simple, fast and customizable analysis model, this solution allows you to make a financial diagnosis of the company through various coordinates.

Qualified database with risk indicators:

Database with qualified information that allows users to find new markets and to help companies to boost their businesses and to diversify their offer, disclosing relevant information to foresee opportunities and threats for the business.

  • New solvent customer contacts

  • Database of new suppliers

  • New incorporations

  • Insolvency and Dissolution

“We tried to adapt our solutions to the needs of the market, which considers risk information fundamental to its reinvention and resilience.”

António Monteiro

Iberinform Portugal – Country Manager

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