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Think BIG. Think BIGnet.

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Over 6 billion Euros: that is the total turnover of the international association BIGnet Alliance in 2017.

18 experts from 12 different nations came together in Athens to attend the 62nd international meeting of the Alliance. This biannual meeting was set to discuss market opportunities and the best strategies to respond those opportunities.

“Forsee in order to act”- Auguste Comte, French philosopher

In an environment where qualified information is the key to business decision making processes, the philosopher could not be more accurate.

Different themes were approached. First of all, the structure of the alliance. Things are changing in the company information world, and they are changing fast! We saw the merger of two of our members, thus, Asiakastieto and UC AB, our Finnish and Swedish partners, are now one since summer 2018. Experian USA has become a full member of

the alliance; alongside its European representatives. You got it, the alliance is growing internally and externally. North and West have been quite busy lately, but BIGnet’s vision never stops looking to new horizons… is this the East that it sees?

“BIGnet has no borders” – Stephen Lord, president of the alliance

Indeed! If BIGnet does not stop at any physical borders, it does not stop either to the virtual ones. A digital strategy was discussed and accepted among the 17 alliance members. Therefore, a change of the website and the new presence on social media LinkedIn are the first steps for the alliance to defend common values such as quality, expertise and modernity.

Many innovations were discussed in a spirit of exchange and understanding. Members know that every country must deal with their own regulations. Therefore, a global data network, a key accounts customer strategy, access to beneficial owners, a portfolio analysis, supply of official documents supply, a compliance product and a payment delay study are all services that the Alliance is willing to offer to their customers and prospects.

BIGnet is the best business partner to acquire quality information on European companies and further afield. The world is more and more globalized, so it is necessary to think big. Think BIGnet.

International Project Assistant at Ellisphere

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