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Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Belgium is a rather small but very open economy.

Thanks to its central location in Europe, performant harbours and airports but also the very dense road network, the country offers an important logistic hub for the entire continent.

Since competition is fierce, a large number of foreign companies settle in the country to directly access the European market. As a consequence, nearly every SME has business partners abroad, mostly within Europe.

In this perspective, international business information is crucial for the economy on each and every level. But the requirements are high: the market demands extreme reliability and online availability at an acceptable rate.

That is exactly the BIGnet Alliance mission.

BIGnet offers opportunities that we take, better than ever before.

Trends Business Information is partnering with API developers in order to create plugins which connect our database to any other cloud CRM or marketing automation platform. The goal is to meet all customer requirements and to keep their database up to date.

Financial institutions, e.g. banks, are developing new technology based applications. One of the key projects consists in testing Trends Business Information as sole data provider, thanks to our reactivity, flexibility and responsive (international) information database.

Accounting software companies are studying the integration of our information on a platform level, whereas competitors only offer connectors to access information via separate modules.

BIGnet helps us to help key players.


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