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UC Group

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Leader of company information in the Swedish market

The UC Group, part of Asiakastieto Group Plc, is Sweden's leading business and credit reference agency, and is the provider of Swedish business information to the BIGnet Alliance. We gather and process information so it can be used by companies and private individuals to make intelligent decisions, which allow our customers to grow. The more they grow, the bigger they can dream.

BIGnet gives us the opportunity to provide digital information like monitoring and high quality company credit reports. The collaboration enables us to swiftly access information from other members of the alliance through a single point of contact, which results in an instant and accurate credit report for our customers. A major benefit of the participation is that the data provided through BIGnet is designed to be standardised, which makes it clear and readily accessible to our customers who frequently buy Swedish credit reports.

UC’s participance in the BIGnet Alliance enables us to provide the highest level of service and strategy to our customers – with a personal touch.

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