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Data Marketing

Information becomes relevant and useful when it contributes positively to help processes of a company, regardless of its size. We can consider information as the new food, and if we stock this food in the wrong way or just accumulate it from different sources, it won't make the company move on or achieve success. It will just be a big accumulator of something that is it has storage costs over time.

In Portugal we have been specialists in information and risk management market with more than 120 years of combined experience between Portugal and Spain. All information comes from official sources, interviews, and data gathering, which then is handled, analysed, and structured by our team in order to add value beyond the raw data itself. To summarise, Iberinform covers 100% of the business market, whether in Portugal or in Spain.

Our goal is to guide each one of our customers to the best use of data and thus make their businesses grow.

Key figures about Iberinform:

12 million euros invested yearly in sourcing worldwide business information;

✓ 5.4 million national and international companies and sole traders;

3.3 million of scorings updated daily;

500 thousand investigations per year – face to face and by telephone;

175 thousand data items updated daily;

12 offices in Portugal and Spain supporting the areas of major economic activity;

200 specialists collecting and processing information;

More than 7 thousand customers in both countries.

Our experience as leaders in process data has allowed us to create solutions to integrate with a single system of data information optimizing the time of the decision maker to take the decision faster than usual.

Due to the easy access to huge volume of national and international information, financial or otherwise, Iberinform has developed solutions for our clients that integrate all the data in a single tool, Insight View. Furthermore, if an integration of data in the customer system is needed, Iberinform can provide this.

This reduces, significantly, the timing to qualify any prospect or helps with the market segmentation to find new business opportunities easily enabling our customers to focus on prospects that could become potential valuable customers.

Finally, the information powers the business, making it grow and helps create new opportunities to be ahead of the competitors.

In which ways does Iberinform help our clients with data marketing information?

Find new customers;

Analyse financial indicators;

Compare companies;

Analyse customer portfolio;

Receive dynamic alert notifications;

Access to the most professional debt recovery service.

With Iberinform' solutions, the company can, in an easy way, gain access to all types of companies and sole traders, with exclusive and updated information using more than hundred years of combined experience in Spain and Portugal.

It is possible to have an integrated view of the client throughout its life cycle and users have the possibility of sharing information between different areas of their company using personal access to login on the platform.

If the necessity is going deeper in finding a marketing database, in a fast and easy way, the information will be available with data integration, as we also offer integrated data solutions, as webservices and API.

We provide customized services for each level and solutions for the entire client management life cycle. Our solutions are developed with the most advanced algorithms and systems in the market, incorporating intelligent analytical and predictions models that enable easy and fast decision-making.

Rodrigo Soares
Iberinform International Key Account Manager - Lisbon
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