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How Italian SMEs struggle to manage revenue loss

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

The previous edition of the Cerved SME Report (2018) showed that in 2017 the recovery had consolidated, as shown by the significant acceleration of revenues and profitability rates across SMEs, in a framework of marked financial soundness.

The data of the new issue of the Report indicate that, in 2018 and in the first part of 2019, the recovery has lost momentum in terms of revenues and profit growth. However, such negative economic trends have not yet affected corporate risk profiles, which furtherly improved compared to the previous year.

In this context, SMEs will need to deal with a brand new reform of bankruptcy regulations (known as “Code of Business Crisis and Insolvency”): if implemented successfully, this measure can generate significant benefits for the economic system. The last chapter of the Report focuses on such

an issue.

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